.....Learning, Loving, and Living the Red Letters.....


     Living a Content-Driven Life

What is it about us that makes believe we need an audience?  What is it that drives us to go through the formality of institutionalizing a gift or talent or “calling”? 

When God places something inside of us, it is
expected for us to nurture it and enhance our understanding of it in relation to who we are but not necessarily to
the point of becoming a distinguished commodity where our gift is only exchanged for recognition, goods or applauds.  Some people become the singer only when there’s a microphone and the dancer when the stage is vacant but what about

when the music stops?  Do we share the words

that we dance and sing to in the audience of one? Do we intentionally live the content of our artistry? Or have we only mastered the art of performance? 

Excerpt taken from "Note To Self:  43 Things My Pastor Didn't Teach Me".  Please visit the My Book page for full text and further reading.